Hendricks Chapel’s chaplains enjoyed a meal together when they attended the Parliament of World Religions in 2023.

Hendricks Chapel hosts 15 chaplains across six world religions. Chaplaincies nurture the spiritual/ethical lives of students, faculty, and staff and help them learn to listen to those with different beliefs.

Select a chaplaincy for service and programming information.

All chaplaincies are sponsored by national or regional religious associations.

While each chaplaincy serves a particular faith constituency, the chaplains work together as part of the Chaplains’ Council on issues of interfaith engagement, student welfare and spiritual programming.

All chaplains support and live out the Hendricks Chapel Ethical Framework that calls upon each chaplaincy and religious group to honor the religious freedom, human dignity, conscience, personal spiritual welfare and the religious tradition of every person to whom they minister. They also follow the Guidelines for Chaplains and Chaplains’ Council, which guides them in how they serve the students of Syracuse University.

For more information, visit the Chaplains’ Suite located on the lower level of Hendricks Chapel. Each chaplaincy has an office located in the suite.