Muslim Student Life

Programs for Spring 2022

Jumuah Prayer

  • Fridays at 1:10 p.m.
  • Main Chapel

Friday Lunch

  • Fridays following Jumuah
  • Noble Room

Muslim Student Association Social Hangouts

    Qur’an Study Classes

    • What you’ll experience: Learn how to read, improve your reading skills, learn and practice tajweed rules, hifz program, basics of understanding Qur’anic text
    • For more information and to register, email

    Tafsir Class

    • Fridays at 6:15 p.m.
    • Online
    • For more information and to register, email


    The office of Muslim Student Life at Syracuse University is about support for Muslim students, faculty, and staff in all religious and spiritual needs for development and growth.  It is about accommodation, openness, and understanding – not judgement or restriction.  It aims at improving understanding and representation of Muslim cultures and communities here in the US and around the world through sharing our universal values with people of faith and no faith.

    Muslim Students Association (MSA):

    • Social and cultural events celebrating our diversity
    • Discussion on challenges and opportunities facing Muslim students
    • Daily and Juma’h prayers
    • Islamic education programs
    • Iftars (breaking the fast meals) during Ramadan
    • Collaboration on humanitarian projects
    • Interfaith discussions

    Note: Follow MSA and MSL Facebook Pages and bulletin boards for more details, NEW and UPCOMING programs and events!


    Amir Duric

    Amir Duric, Chaplain





    Chaplain Duric is available for office hours on Monday-Friday by appointment. Contact him to schedule.

    Give to the Islamic Chaplaincy at Syracuse University.