Hendricks Chapel is home to all student religious and spiritual groups on campus. These groups span a wide range of diverse religious traditions and spiritual interests. Participation in religious groups is open to all students.

While each religious group serves a particular faith constituency, the religious groups work together as part of the Student Assembly of Interfaith Leaders (SAIL). Their mission is to be the greenhouse for leaders of all backgrounds, and the incubator for leaders of all future promise.

All religious groups support and live out the Hendricks Chapel Ethical Framework that calls upon each chaplaincy and religious group to honor the religious freedom, human dignity, conscience, personal spiritual welfare, and the religious tradition of every person to whom they minister. Each group is also held to the standards of the Policies for Religious and Spiritual Life Groups, which shape the way student groups are organized and engaged.

Full List of Groups:

Adventist Christian Fellowship

Baha’i Student Club of Syracuse University

Bible Study Ministries

Black Celestial Choral Ensemble

Brothers And Sisters In Christ All Nations