Host an Event

As the heart of Syracuse University, our mission as Hendricks Chapel is to lead in service to our common good as a student-centered global home for religious, spiritual, moral and ethical life.

Our primary goal in hosting events, programs and services within Hendricks Chapel is to advance our mission in partnership with a diverse assembly of campus and community partners.

We believe that programs, services and events held in Hendricks Chapel must reflect our mission, vision and values in order to serve as an expression of our historical identity.

As stewards of a sacred space that is primarily utilized for religious and spiritual practices among students of Syracuse University, we expect all guests to refrain from the use of profanity and/or inappropriate behavior. We reserve the right to deny reservation requests, postpone or cancel any reserved events that might be deemed as not fitting for our particular location.

When reservation requests are denied, we will offer to assist applicants with discerning an alternative location.