Main Chapel

Located at the top of the Chapel’s iconic exterior stairs and through the front doors is the Main Chapel, which serves as a sacred space for a broad range of religious and spiritual practices, such as Christian Worship, Catholic Mass, Islamic Prayer, Jewish Observances and many others. The Main Chapel hosts weddings, memorials, campus lectures, music performances and other events appropriate to the space.

Religious observances receive top priority for reservations.

The seating capacity is 1000. The first five (5) rows of the Chapel’s center seating section are chairs, which can be moved and arranged to accommodate event needs.

The Main Chapel has built-in video and audio technology. All equipment is managed and operated by Hendricks Chapel staff.

There is a fee to reserve the space.  Additional fees are incurred when Facilities Services is hired to move and remove chairs and change the default setup. Additional fees are charged for the use of technology and audio equipment, for event staff support, tech support, and when necessary, for additional cleaning.

The Main Chapel is air-conditioned.

Catering for events held in the Main Chapel can be served in the Noble Room in the lower level of the Chapel. Guests should complete a Noble Room Request Form to reserve this space.

Pre-event ‘green room’ or gathering space for the Main Chapel is also in the Noble Room.  Guests should complete a Noble Room Request Form to secure the space for their presenters and stage participants, or to hold group belongings during an event.

Noble Room

The Noble Room is a multi-use space in the lower level of Hendricks Chapel. The default set-up accommodates 35 people and features couches, study chairs, a round table with six chairs, sets of square tables with four chairs, a TV monitor and sound system, and a piano. The Noble Room serves as an inviting and relaxing space for students and staff during school and workdays.

The Noble Room may be reserved after 6 p.m. for events and meetings. It has a maximum capacity of 75 people when set up with chairs in rows.

The Noble Room has built in video and audio technology. All equipment is managed and operated by Hendricks Chapel staff.

There is a fee to use the Noble Room (reservations on and after July 1, 2020). Additional fees will be charged when the Chapel hires others to support an event, such as for moving of furniture, rental and support of technology above what is already in the space, etc.

The Noble Room rental fee will be waived for Hendricks Chapel Chaplains, religious groups, and faith-based registered student organizations.

Catering in support of Noble Room events can be delivered to and served from the foyer outside the Noble Room.  For a successful event in the Noble Room, please review our Event Organizer and Guest Information details.


If you have questions about our reservation process or event spaces, please email us or call Alexander Snow, Director of Events at 315.443.2903.