Event Fees

Services New Rates
Memorial Services
No charge for standard set-up fee $0.00
Hendricks Chapel (Rental Fee)
Internal SU Department or Office (per event) $300.00
Outside Agency (per event) $400.00
SU Student Organizations $0.00
Hendricks Chapel Registered Groups $0.00
Additional Charges
Risers (total) $50.00
Microphones (each) $25.00
Large Projection Screen $150.00
Projector $100.00
Laptop Rental $50.00
Flat Screen Rental $50.00
Pulpit (removal or set-up) $50.00
Worship Center ( removal or set up) $50.00
Staff Hourly Fee $25.00
Event Production Fee $100.00
Technical Support Hourly Fee $50.00
Management Staff Hourly Fee $40.00
Sound Board Set Up and Rental $100.00
Cancellation Fee (Internal  and External Groups)
Cancellation Fee (less than 72 hours) $200.00
Cancellation Fee  (no notice/no show) $300.00
Cancellation Fee (SU Student Groups) $100.00
Cancellation Fee (Religious Groups) $100.00