Chapel Spaces

Weddings at Hendricks Chapel can be booked in either the Main Chapel or the Small Chapel. Please find more details for both spaces below.

With any wedding reservation, couples also have access to two green rooms – one used for each party. These rooms are the Chaplain’s Suite and the Noble Room which are in the lower level of Hendricks Chapel.

Main Chapel

The Main Chapel is located at the top of the iconic exterior stairs and through the front doors entering the main floor of Hendricks Chapel. This space can comfortably accommodate up to 1,000 people. The first five (5) rows of the Chapel’s center seating section are chairs, which can be moved and arranged to accommodate specific event needs.  The space includes a stage, built in audio technology and air conditioning.


Small chapel

Small Chapel

The Small Chapel is located on the lower level of Hendricks Chapel. It can accommodate approximately 16 people comfortably with wooden chairs. The space is narrower, does not have windows and includes a small worship center.

As a sacred space of worship and sanctuary, we ask that wedding guests, vendors, and all who enter, treat the Chapel with respect to reflect this awareness. Hendricks Chapel does reserve the right to refuse admittance.