Syracuse University Pagan Association


Syracuse University’s Pagan Association is SPIRAL. Student Pagan Information, Relations, and Learning (SPIRAL) provides a safe space for Pagans, Pagan-curious, and Pagan-friendly people to come together in community to discuss ideas, practice ritual, and expand their knowledge of the many Pagan faith traditions.


SPIRAL Weekly Meetings
6 PM-8 PM
The Small Chapel in Hendricks Chapel

Time for meditation or group practice. 

SPIRAL Skill Chill
1st Tuesday of the Month
6 PM-8 PM
The Small Chapel in Hendricks Chapel

Join SPIRAL members as they walk you through a new practice or hands-on activity. 

Welcome & Labyrinth Walk
Noble Room in Hendricks Chapel
Enjoy snacks and conversation as SPIRAL members welcome the pagan and pagan curious to their space.