Get to know one of our incredible students, Saad Sayed G’21! Saad majors in engineering management, and is the chief strategist for the Muslim Students’ Association. Learn more about Saad’s experience in MSA:

“As humans we are in constant need of acknowledgement and comfort. That is what we commonly refer as ‘empathy.’ We try to find that in the communities around us. I believe that the Muslim Students’ Association is striving towards that goal. Those of us in the MSA try to be true to the notion – We are one! The selfless efforts put in by our Muslim Chaplain, Br. Amir Duric is highly commendable. We need leaders like Br. Amir, who show compassion and provide guidance with a touch of wisdom to our community as a whole, be it a Muslim or an individual from any other faith. I believe confidence is what makes you stronger and that is bolstered with the company you keep.

It gives me a purpose to make a difference in the lives around us, to try to at least put a smile on a sad face. It has increased the horizon in my eyes to the responsibilities that a Muslim has towards humanity and the message of peace that needs to be delivered. It has taught me to reflect and made me realize that, in order to make our communities better in every way, I myself need to become a role model first.”