Mindfulness Meditation Training

The Buddhist Chaplaincy hosted a celebratory tea with Japanese treats on May 9 to honor the eight students who completed level one of Mindfulness Meditation Training this semester. Selin Durak, Lei Wang, Rosalie Turner, Nathan Hirschberg, Adria Ivkovic, Amelia Ercolino, Hannah Helfert and Cal Parker all completed the program. This level of the training required participation in meditation and related events, journaling and a final written reflection. This is the first set of students who have completed this new program, and several exceeded the expectations of participation in meditation.


Meditation Retreat

The Buddhist Meditation Association hosted a Meditation Retreat during Wellness Day on April 21. Students engaged in several activities to “get out their heads” and clear their minds. The day included silent meditation, as well as a guided meditation and creative movement. Students watched and discussed an interview with Koshin Paley Ellison, and expressed themselves on an ongoing “graffiti board.”  They also experience a mindful eating opportunity during silent lunch. The day ended with a hike, which students braved despite the cold and snowy weather.


Buddha’s Birthday

The Buddhist Chaplaincy celebrated Buddha’s Birthday on April 11 in the Noble Room. A beautiful flower bower was set up around the baby Buddha statue. Students experienced the traditional ritual of chanting and bathing the baby Buddha statue in Ambrosial Nectar. Following the ritual, all celebrated with cake and fellowship. Buddha’s Birthday is a joyous celebration commemorating the birth of Siddhartha Gautama, Shakyamuni Buddha.